As a veteran trauma surgeon, Dr. Damian DeSantos has spent his career negotiating the limbo between life and death. In a race to repair an aortic aneurysm, Damian totals his car but manages to scramble free from the wreckage and make it to the hospital in time to save a life. On his way out, however, he sees a familiar face in the emergency room: his own.

Damian is in some kind of between-life limbo, but he soon learns that the world he knew was just the tip of a much bigger iceberg. While Damian thought he was holding patients’ lives in his hands, a greater battle for souls was taking place between the Tribunal of Souls and the evil Marauding Souls of the Dead.
Learning of his mysterious state, the Tribunal recruits Damian to help them return order to the lives of the living. Yet, he has his own demons to fight. In limbo, he is reunited with his dead wife, who shows him that his life was reduced to shadows long before his car crash. She will help him to heal, but he also needs help from the Tribunal to ensure he has a life to go back to—a life forever changed.


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